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weekend. the the news at 6:00 starts right now. >> good evening. happy friday. i'm jessica aguirre. >> i'm raj mathai. cities are forced to give money to a global company. chevron, based in san ramon is the target of a sweeping lawsuit involving 13 east bay cities. chevron made more than $19 billion last year alone so many would argue do they need this money? nbc bay area'sth kimberly tere joins us live. a lot of people outraged but chevron might be in the clear s. that correct? >> reporter: that's right. it has to do with a lawsuit, raj, and the city is contending that only the governments that got the money should have to pay it back. of course we all know it's not that simple.
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>> well, it's like you open up your mail one day and you have an unexpected bill for quite a bit of money. i mean, it's a shock. >> reporter: a $30,000 shock. that's lafayette's share of the tax refund given to chevron. contra costa county is forced to return the money after it overassessed the company. >> as far as i know the city of lafayette did not share in the revenue that went mostly to richmond. so, asking us to pay that back on the face doesn't seem fair. >> reporter: 13 cities are suinging arguing they did not receive any of the tax money the county got and therefore should not have to contribute to the refund. >> they are facing tight budgets, and to add this on top of it is forcing them to cut even deeper. >> the county auditor and
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comptroller understands the situation this puts some cities in but everyone of them received some of the revenue therefore the cost was divided among all of the cities that received county tax dollars. >> how we do this, and we are following the statutes and the law on how we apportion these property tax dollars. >> in lafayette, city leaders say every dollar counts and their share is hurting their bottom line. >> might appear that $30,000 may not be that much, but $30,000 can pay the street, $30,000 is roughly what we contribute to our senior transportation program. >> the attorney who filed the suit on behalf of the cities says chevron is asking for more assessments which means cities may be hit up again. in addition the attorney says the economic climate suggests that this tax refund may only be the beginning. >> the recent drop in property values i imagine you have a lot
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of companies like chevron looking at their assessments thinking maybe i've been taxed too much. and there may well be a lot of these appeals in the pipeline. >> reporter: this is a list of what each city and entity in contra costa county owns and the ranges from 6 bucks all the way to over $1 million. i did speak with a spokesperson who says they are willing to work with the county to minimize the impact but ultimately it is up to contra costa count tee figure out how to get them that money. kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> it is official. the schwarzeneggers are getting divorced. six weeks after arnold schwarzenegger revealed that he father add child out of wedlock his wife filed for divorce, looking to end their 25-year marriage. the filing cites irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split. the couple did not have a prenup you'll agreement.
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they have four children. >> let's switch to the weather and how could you avoid it. it's a holiday weekend and it's hot, hot, hot. we saw temperatures in the 90s, all around the bay area. and guess what? it's going to get warmer in the come days. meteorologist rob mayeda joins us with the forecast. some places looking to topping 100. >> oh, yeah. especially by sunday, we're going to see the temperatures climbing. right now still after 6:00 we're in the low 90s inland out to the tri-valley, east bay inland you can see 92 degrees in livermore, 92 in gilroy, 86 in san jose. to kick off saturday if you're heading to southern california even los angeles close to 90 degrees, look at palm spring, 1 1 117. in the central valley from bakersfield or north up to sacramento, you'll see temperatures starting above 100 and some of that heat will be spilling westward into the east
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bay valleys. the sierra, 80s and 90s so the story goes, high pressure building in mean this is heat wave which kind of got started today, is going to lead to even hotter temperatures for sunday and fourth of july monday. we'll talk more about who has the best chance of hitting 100 degrees this weekend coming up in the forecast in a few minutes. back to you. >> we'll see you soon. this hot weather leads to fire danger. that leads to controversy in san jose. cuts to the fire department has residents anxious. beginning today the fire department is implementing so called rolling brown-outssh at least one fire station will operate with one less engine while the number of firefighters on all trucks is reduced from five to four. a spokesperson with the san jose firefighters union says those reductions will lead to a greater work load, longer response times and higher risk on the job. despite the cuts the fire department will operate at full staff on sunday and on monday t fourth of july. we now want to have an official cause of the fire that killed
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two san francisco firefighters june 2. the san francisco fire department says the blaze in the diamond heights neighborhood was accidental and likely electrical. lieutenant perez and firefighter paramedic anthony valero died. >> members of a church group will attend a quieter service not because they are doing silent praying but because someone stole all of the musical instruments. marianne favro joins us live on montgomery street with how church members are mourning the loss of instruments. >> reporter: jessica, church service begins at 7:30 tonight. when members come in and start to see they will notice they no longer have guitars to accompany them. this isn't the first time that thieves have tested their faith. for the past 54 years this has been a place of worship. members come together to wed,
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pray and play music. now all they have is their voices. this week someone broke in through this window and stole their instruments. >> yeah, we were like talk about it. >> the music section is empty, two electric guitars and a key board set. all that's sleft a cow bell, microphones and speakers were stolen. america, the drummer, is left holding her sticks, wondering how she'll make music for god without her drum set. >> for me that music is perfect. >> the church has no insurance, it can't afford new instruments, especially since members just bought a new key board. this isn't the first time the church has been burglarized. six months ago someone stole an electric piano and computer. while services will be quieter they definitely won't be silent. >> it's not going to stop us. >> they may not have drums but they do have their voices.
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now they will just have to sing louder. >> reporter: we have some good news to share with you tonight. after we first told you about this at 5:00 during our newscast, one of our viewers contacted us and said he would like to donate his drums to the church. reporting live from san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> that is very good news. thank you. west nile virus is surfacing again in the bay area. officials in contra costa county say a dead bird found in walnut creek tested positive for the disease. here's the map. it's not far from 680. officials say hot weather and standing water from the rain has caused the mosquito population to spike. they urge residents to drain stagnant water from yards. you can protect yourself from west nile by using insect repellent and avoiding the outdoors around dawn and dusk when mosquitoes tend to be the most active. >> in the quest to build the
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stadium the 49ers may have scored their biggest victory to this point. the team has sold its luxury boxes for the new stadium, $138 million worth. the new stadium is scheduled to have 165 luxury boxes, up from the current 77 boxes at candlestick park. the money more than doubles the funding committed so far and puts the niners and the city of santa clara about a quarter of the way toward bankrolling this massive project. construction is expected to begin in january 2013. >> okay, if you don't feel like grilling out this holiday weekend, you can eat out and believe it or not you can save money doing it as well if you eat in the right spots. our reporter scott budman is live in san jose. you do tech. how did you conyourself into this story? did it work getting these discounts? >> you know, it is working and no, i didn't get a discount but i'll tell you lots of restaurants here in downtown san jose have spent two weeks
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discounting their meals. and the goals are twofold. one to get people to try the restaurants and two, to get people to spend more money more often in the future. so far it seems to have worked. san jose wants to get restaurant scene cooking again. and while the recession has been a drag, more diners are pulling up chairs. >> yeah, i think so. we've had a lot of faces in here we haven't seen before, in here to try our menu, they heard about some of our signature dishes. they heard about our wine. they like what they hear on yelp. hopefully that's getting inyou faces in here. >> the dine downtown promotion enticed foodies into restaurants by dropping prices, aimed at giving people who live here a new look at what the area has to offer. >> of course we see more of them after a concert or sharks game. this is icing on the cake, extra revenue for us, a way to get people to come to downtown san jose and promote the overall
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look of downtown. >> reporter: the restaurants we talked to say dine downtown was a success, part of a long range plan to boost local business. >> i think downtown was kind of the place to be avoided for a while. hopefully we can bring people back and so them new stuff. >> get people comfortable coming back downtown and trying our restaurants and entertainment. all of the fun things that are going on down here. >> thank you. >> food for thought from a restaurant business looking to the future. >> reporter: the dine downtown program goes through sunday here ens in san jose. they expect a busy holiday weekend. scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> did you put in your order with scott? >> not yet but i will. >> still ahead, gearing up for the royal visit. we're learning who will greet the royal couple when they arrive in los angeles next week. also why california's first dog is coming into focus. >> and the show is over at least for now.
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a unique deal involving a bay area movie theater is on hold. >> celebrating the fourth of july in the snow. we'll show you what people heading to take tahoe can expect for this holiday weekend. >> they will be finding warmer temperatures across the sierra, and across the bay temperatures heating up. 70 at san francisco. could we see 100 degrees? near the golden gate this weekend, we'll answer that coming up in your hot holiday forecast when we come back.
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>> riders who use the ferries to commute were given a surprise a. previously announced strike was cancelled. last night the union announced a work stoppage to highlight a dispute. they were upset that the agents were losing to machines. the district is laying off
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employees to save a little over $6 million over 10 years. the fourth of july weekend is usually one of the heaviest travel periods for the year for people who enjoy driving. not this year. let's take you out to interstate 880, not too many people. aaa reports that 39 million travel 50 miles or more from home, that's a decrease from last year. the reason, yeah, you know. rising cost of gas. last year the average price after gallon was $2.75. today the average cost -- $3.55. here in the bay area san francisco has the highest average gas price now at $3.88. >> if you are making a road trip or staying around town, be warned. the chp will be out in full force expecting a lot of traffic on the freeways in the state. every available chp officer will be blanketing the roads. besides looking for drunk
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drivers, text ters, talking on cell phones, also enforcing safety rules when coming upon an accident or road work. >> be mindful of the move over law. the emergency lights are on, construction or safety going on t law requires you to move over one lane. >> 23 people were killed and 1400 arrested for dui during last year's fourth of july holiday. >> so the exodus is in effect, thousands of bay area residents heading to lake tahoe. hot weather and big summer business. mike shows us the tourist boom this weekend. >> hey, tahoe is awesome. >> reporter: looking at these pictures after packed south lake tahoe. >> i think it's crazy because i see a lot of cars. >> reporter: it's hard for some to believe that three days ago our weather was this. >> yesterday it was like winter. looks like it's going to be prolonged summer.
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>> reporter: in south lake tahoe the delayed start to summer had some businesses struggling big time. listen to this now. >> worst start in 33 years, it snowed until the first week of june. memorial day was a flop. all through april and may, really cold, wet stuff. >> with big crowds already escaping a big turnaround in temperatures in the valley, lake tahoe businesses are banking on just as big a turn around in their business this holiday weekend. >> absolutely this will be our busiest weekend yet. >> it will be nuts. insane especially with the high lake level and not a lot of beach. it's going to be crazy. >> that was mike reporting for us. can going to the grocery store help. partnering up to do that, budget cuts could force 70 parks to shut down by 2012. the grocer says it will donate a
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nickel every time a user use as reusable bag. >> it's simple. all you do is reuse the bag. reusable bag, paper bag, plastic bag, take one of these bags into any rayly's or nob hill stores and we'll dedicate 5 cents to preserving state parks. >> it's estimated that a single store gets around 17,000 customer as week. if each person brought in one reusable bag the store would donate, one store, $850 a week. if you crunch the numbers how many stores they have that could end up with big money. >> we kick off this weekend, rob, what did we see an nbc camping trip. >> new reality tv. that would be. i'd be the first voted off. i wouldn't handle it. let's show you what the temperatures are around the bay area. today we hit 90s out to
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tri-valley, south of san jose. again, almaden valley, los gatos, 95. downtown san jose closer to the bay not as warm. 88 degrees, warmer than yesterday. san francisco, 75 degrees. 80s and 90s inland up to the north bay valley. what this is showing is that marine layer which normally keep us cool is squished down so we're seeing it along the coast and the inner part of the bay. right now san francisco, the late day sea breeze. all of the hot air that prize rises up and pulls in the cooler ocean air. 70 now in san francisco, into oakland, 75 degrees, so still pretty comfortable. i think near downtown oakland tomorrow could be getting closer to the upper 80s in spots, maybe near 90. for san jose, 83 degrees. you've got that sea breeze finally getting into parts of the valley, still toasty various south of san jose. you can see near 90 out toward
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livermore and pleasant tan. around morgan hill and gilroy close to 90. we have the sea breeze starting but high pressure is going to strengthen and lock in on us for the weekend. not only the bay area temperatures warming up but heading to yosemite, 80s around lake tahoe. yosemite tomorrow, mid 90s so things are heating up. by monday a few clouds, maybe thundershowers south of yosemite come fourth of july. if your travel plans include yosemite. tomorrow a mild start, but as early as lunch time we'll see temperatures pretty close to today's highs so the bottom line is we'll be heating up faster. high temperatures will be getting close to 100 for places like los gatos, morgan hill, down to gilroy, livermore and pleasanton, all of these locations. upper 90s close to 100. san francisco, not bad. upper 70s there. mid 80s in oakland.
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this is saturday. sunday and monday will be the heartest days. we'll show you those in our next half hour. >> thank you very much, rob. >> diagnosed with the same disease she wants to cure. the researcher using her own diagnosis to help millions of others. >> also ahead from far will to moneyville, the bay area start-up preparing to go public. >> on this fourth of july weekend how you can sit back in time and see how san francisco was discovered. back in two. it's really delicious, mom.
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it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along. >> california's high speed rail project is searching for a new pr firm after the firm it hired quit. oglebebacked out of its
6:24 pm
contract. why would they back out of the account? they were about to be fired. the rail authority claimed ogilvy was overbilling f. they get the 43 billion for the track it runs from san francisco to anaheim beginning in 2020. >> you won't have to get there by train because there are lots of things to do the fourth of july weekend here for parks, picnics. >> it's not all about barbecuing. joe rosato jr. takes us to a san francisco museum where you can sail into the nautical past. >> reporter: the old piers of san francisco's north shore are a glimpse back into the city as earliest days. the 1860s cargo ship sits in the harbor, swimmers churn through cove. >> people have been swimming in this protected cove known as black point cove since the 1850s. >> the acre for this scene is the national maritime museum.
6:25 pm
originally a bath house it later became the keeper of san francisco's sea faring past. >> it's a sailing vessel that sailed in in 1849. >> among its artie facts a chunk of the whaler which later souved as a general store. >> it suffered a fire. you can see the burned remains. >> like so many ship, it was bushried beneath san francisco and later unearthed in a construction project. >> 40 known ships berried under san francisco and they so get discovered from time to time. >> the walls are covers with murals in the 30s and restored several years ago. starting this weekend it's hosting an exhibit of antique maps detailing the curious travels of early spanish ex-employeers. >> actually got california wrong. it was they thought an island. >> the first explorers passed the san francisco bay in 1542.
6:26 pm
it wasn't until 230 miles later any one would sail inside. >> i write about the time of paul reve's ride back east. >> the years following that firsts visit filled with tales, haunting vessels and gold chasing dreamers. a colorful foundation for the city yet to come. nbc bay area news. >> i have taken the girls and it's fun to do. >> that salty sailors from 200 years ago. the former head of the imf is released from house arrest after new questions in the sexual assault case. >> the royal couple swinging through canada we learn who is going to crete them when they arrive. >> how the state will turn to the internet to crack down on fireworks this fourth of july. >> as the weather warms up firefighters want homeowners to
6:27 pm
be on the lookout for danger right in their own back yards. re
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>> pg&e revealed it has been running some natural gas pipe lines at a higher level than is recommended by federal safety authorities. that revelation after conducting a study of its transmission lines in response to september's deadly explosion. the california public utility is calling it a serious failure with safety repercussions. pg&e has lowered pressure on some lines. for firefighters a warm day like today is the best time to head in to inspect houses and yards trying to make sure home eners have done as much to protect their homes. >> more on the inspections and what firefighters are telling homeown homeowners. >> reporter: well, jessica, the
6:30 pm
fire people want us to know that having a nice lush green lawn is not really the problem. the problem is when it's hot and the vegetation starts to dry up. look at this brush in front of the fire station. it is dry but the good part is it's cut really low. trey spent the day in the heat at his parents home dragging dead branches away. >> clearing up the brush you see, trying to get my parent's house in ship shape. >> i have to get up and clear the brush. >> that's what the california department of forestry and fire protection likes to see. and for the people who aren't taking their own initiative to clear away the dead vegetation from around their property. units are coming to remind you. >> people have been very cooperative with us, when we take them out and show them some
6:31 pm
of the very simple things they can do to improve defensible space around their houses. >> defensible space is the area firefighters use to defend your hot. it's a zone where all of the brush, dead trees and live leads within 30 feet of all structures is removed. additional 70% spacing plants away from each other. >> this is minimal and there's a lot of onmental type vegetation that surrounds the area and gone from its low. >> this house has passed inspection. it's only a few feet from the one next door so the amount of defenable space is minimumial. it can present a fire. this is not about being punitive. >> correct. correct. that's absolutely correct. we're here to educate people on helping us help them.
6:32 pm
>> reporter: calfire is making recommendations to homeowners now when they do these inspections. if the homeowners don't follow them ultimately they could end up with a fine. traci grant, nbc area news. >> fireworks are illegal in most cities, there is a steep price if you get caught buying or selling illegal fireworks. calfire is going on line to crack down on legal and illegal sales. agents are checking craig's list to find people who are offering m-80s, bottle rockets and firecrackers. >> we work with officials across the state to track those people, to stop those people and arrest them. we have a zero tolerance on illegal fireworks. >> cal fire will heavy fines for on line sales of safe and sane fireworks. there are legal fireworks shows. there are dozens of others.
6:33 pm
for a list go to and search fireworks. we had a wet scene today. our chopper working the story, workers spent the day cleaning up after a 12 inch water main line broke open on the 3800 block near hill crest. as crews repair the line. >> topping business and tech, a big day for zynga, the game maker behind farm bill plans to raise $1 billion. it's the biggest ipo for an american internet. sing it leads for "the social network"ing sites, part of a wave of internet ipos not seen since 11 years ago. it has more than 232 million monthly active users, making it
6:34 pm
the biggest maker of social games. the filing hoped another day on wall street stocks rallied for the fifth day capping the best week in two years. silicon value investors are hot. >> going to sl the king of search but could the silicon valley giant control your favorite shows. that might be the case if google buys hullo. google is mung the companies in an effort to capture the popularity of on line video. it allows you to watch while supporting them with ad sales, jointly owned by disney, and news corporation, and part of the ownership for this station. new tonight at 6:00, sounds like a good deal. 50 bucks for an all you can watch movie pass, unlimited movie. the problem, the theaters don't
6:35 pm
accept these. three movie chains reviewsed to honor these all you can watch passes saying they were not informed of the service. they were advertising a $50 a month trial which was scheduled to start this week. but amc, the second largest u.s. chain said they were not consulted about this december and they won't onner the tickets. camera cinemas and land mark said they will not honor these either. >> the popular william and kate are getting ready for a trip to southern california. they arrive in l.a. on if i. it will be kate's first visit. when they arrive next week, governor brown and his wife will meet them there. the next day it will be traveling north, 90 miles to santa barbara to attend a charity match. there is a hint that they will talk about dogs. why? corgis, big with the browns,
6:36 pm
they have a 7-year-old pembroke welsh corgi and queen elizabeth ii has been breeding corgis for years and has quite a few of them. >> fascinating with her fascinator, the royal couple north of the border today in canada helping the country celebrate canada day. a welcome by tens of thousands. the couple participated in the citizenship ceremony for 25 people who came from as far away as belarus and madagascar. prince william relayed a message to canadians from his grand mother queen elizabeth. >> my grandmother, the queen of canada -- [ cheering ] -- has asked me to convey her warmest good wishes to the people of canada and her happy
6:37 pm
and abiding memories of being on parliament hill with the duke of edinborough. >> as we mentioned the couple will be here in california and it will be their first official visit to california. >> it's making headlines in the united states and in france. the sexual assault case against the former head of the international monetary fund is hanging by a thread. the case involving a manhattan hotel maid who accused dominique strauss-kahn of sexual assault is hinged on the woman's credibility. court papers show that the maid's account of the attack was inconsistent. prosecutors say she admitted to lying on her asylum application which includes claims that she was raped in her native guinea. also allege that she contacted a convicted drug dealer looking for how to profit from the case. before the scandal dominique strauss-kahn was considered to be a leading presidential
6:38 pm
candidate in france. prosecutors have until july 18 to decide whether to drop this case entirely. >> leon panetta is officially the nation's 23rd defense secretary. the monterey native who spent 2 1/2 years as the cia director had a private swearing in at his office. his first order was to promise devotion to the armed forces and its families. >> as secretary of defense i will work to ensure that our nation continues to have the best trained, the best equipped, and the strongest military in the world. >> you might note that he graduated and later a professor at santa clara university. he was confirmed last week. >> still ahead an alzheimer's researcher discovers that she herself has the disease. tonight how she's using that diagnosis to help find a cure for others.
6:39 pm
>> and i'm rob mayeda in for jeff ranieri. we watch a weekend forecast. you don't see low clouds around san francisco. we'll talk more about the potential for triple-digit heat in the seven-day forecast coming up.
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6:41 pm
>> remarkable story, some of the best minds in alzheimer's research are here in the bay area trying to determine what triggers this disease and how to treat it. >> there is one researcher who has a personal stake in finding a cure. that's because she's gone from research tear patient. marianne favro takes us in depth. >> i worked with a concept point. >> ray lean has a degree in micro biology working on a vaccine for alzheimer's. she is more devoted to try to find a cure for the disease which afflicts an estimated 5.4
6:42 pm
million americans. >> the trials will stay in place. >> ray lynn has confrom researcher to alzheimer's patients. >> i kept ignoring it. i couldn't believe that it might be true. >> but it was true. and six years ago she received the official diagnosis, early onset alzheimer's, which strikes people younger than 65. >> i said you know, i can't believe that this can happen. it's just too ironic. it cannot be true. but it is true. >> despite the diagnosis burke is continuing her work on alzheimer's research as a volunteer. >> i think just like you say a multifaceted approach to alzheimer's treatment is what we're aiming for. >> even though she's no longer working in the lab she is now part after clinical trial testing the same vaccine she helped research. >> it's one of those great ironies of life.
6:43 pm
i would have never guessed that this would have happened. >> we've developed some interesting new strategies. >> this doctor is a renowned alzheimer's researcher. he and burke have known each other for years. >> we hear a lot about staying mentally active, well, i don't know more mentally active person than ray lynn. she was always incredibly bright and involved in so many things. >> but he's realistic, it will take much more than staying mentally active to beat alzheimer's. >> we're not going to defeat this disease by doing crossword puzzles and staying active. we need really powerful medications to accomplish that. >> it can happen to any one, it's not the end of life when it happens. life changes but there are still significant contributions to be
6:44 pm
made. >> that's what burke will continue to do as long as the disease will let her. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> the numbers are staggering, 5.4 million americans, both doctors stress the need for people to get involved in alzheimer's clinical trials. >> our camping buddy rob is here to tell fuss we're doing outside activities tomorrow morning that are strenuous. it should be early. >> before 9:00 you're fine. we're talking 100 degrees starting to pop up in some of the forecasts. a live look at the bay bridge, nothing but sunshine. we'll talk more about that toasty fourth of july forecast coming up. >> reporter: coming up in sports, mad bum makes sweet music in the motor city. camp alex concludes for the 49ers, we'll tell you if smith thinks the team is almost ready for the nfl season.
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>> rob is here and what did we decide to do this weekend? did we figure it out? >> i think camping trips or -- maybe some of us. you know, we're going to look at beautiful weather if you're going to head to the high country the weather is great. look out for the snowmelt. we'll see the creeks and streams running high with high temperatures there. right now in oakland you can see we're looking at clear skies.
6:47 pm
we see this view looking back to san francisco and you see the low clouds scooping in the bay. not happening now. high pressure has taken the cool air and squishing it down to ocean beach and along the shore. you look over the top of san bruno mountain no low clouds. 70 at san francisco, a west wind at 20, so we're getting the late day cooling. without the low clouds that's telling us the ocean air conditioning is going to back off for the weekend. 83 in san jose, you can see the 90s inland as the sea breeze turns weaker, it's going to get scorching hot for the inland spots around the tri-valley. the evenings are going to be gorgeous, in the 60s and 70s through 8:00 and 9:00 and then eventually dropping into the 60s later on. you can see yes, a late day sea breeze kicking in. this is what happens when temperatures get so hot inland it create as vacuum effect where the cooler air late in the day starts to sweep back in the bay area. right now we have high pressure building in. obviously clear skies.
6:48 pm
one thing to watch come monday if you're going to head to the southern sierra, watch out for maybe moisture coming up toward the yosemite. we might have to watch for where you call these monsoon type thundershowers. the wind pattern shifts across the desert southwest. it will be hotter for us in the bay area. the sierra come monday may see an isolated shower or two. the statewide forecast tomorrow, 80s around san diego, close to 90, 117 degrees as you head to the central valley toasty. yosemite, 94 degrees. 73 in monterey. south lake tahoe 85, and there's the cool spot, eureka 62. look at the triple-digit temperatures up and down the central valley. tonight eventually hitting the 50s, but i think we're going to be in 60-degree temperatures for morning lows probably as we get into sunday morning and monday morning as things take some time to cool off. and tomorrow's highs, we're adding 5 degrees to the high temperatures we saw today. we had 88 in san jose today.
6:49 pm
tomorrow 93. we should be close to 80 in san francisco, cool, though still on the coast and around the peninsula, east bay, though, mid to upper 80s around oakland, 90s for castro valley, upper 90s toward concord and same story up to santa rosa, a toasty weekend ahead. the the hottest day possibly sunday. it's going to take time for the sea breeze to come back so we're staying pretty hot. 90s for the middle of the week. >> thank you, rob. let's head to sports now. >> well, let's bring in henry from our comcast sports net newsroom. >> the camping trip? >> have you been watching? we have a camping trip. jessica, myself, and rob and you're in. >> it's three men and a baby. i'm going to cry the entire time we're there. >> are you in? >> if jessica is in, i'm in. if it's only guys i'm not going. if you bring a beautiful woman,
6:50 pm
of course i'll go. i'm not crazy, guys. hey, we expect hot temperatures in july but can we count on hot bay area baseball teams? the giants and the a's trying to get back on the winning track. giants taking on the tigers, madison bumgarner gets the start for the bottom of the second. no score. bumgarner strikes out alex avila to end the inning. he had five strikeouts through five innings. to the top of the fifth we go. one on for pablo sandobal. rowen scores. 1-0 in the eighth inning. a blast from the past, returns to oakland. pitcher rich harden will start for the oakland a's when they face the diamondbacks. harden is coming off of the 60-day disabled list. and kate has more on the 29-year-old right hander who has battled injuries throughout his
6:51 pm
career. >> reporter: henry, certainly it is a big night for hardin as he makes his first start since july of 2008. i had a chance to talk with him. he's feeling anxious but physically he's ready and can't wait to get the first pitch out of the way. >> i want to go out and pitch the way i'm capable. help this team out. i'm looking forward to getting out there and will be exciting. >> hardin is excited, especially here at home. his rehab has gone well and he pitched well leading up to it. a lot of times that's a big factor. >> reporter: and i also had a chance to talk with bob melvin, a big night as he goes up against his former team. he is the diamondbacks' winningest manager in club franchise history. it's greet see his old friends. once the game starts it's business as usual. kate longworth for nbc bay area. >> very nice job, kate. over to football camp alex is
6:52 pm
officially over. niners qb smith says there is no need for another get together if the lockout is settled in the next two weeks. smith said he tapped out his knowledge of the new play book and is thinking of sending the coaching staff video of the workouts. he talked with reporters about a half hour today. >> i would feel pretty good if training camp started on time. training camp the bulk of the work comes in. you love the off season. i think it serves as the same type of thing. it's an introduction to this stuff. the real football starts in training camp. now it's more of an introduction because it's a longer time when you start in march and go till june. >> we want football. come on, nhl free agency is under way, sharks added a defenseman vandemere. he played in edmonton last season. also san jose signed michael
6:53 pm
lansouse. two sharks are leaving, ben eager and jamal meres joining the blackhawks. rafael nadal and andy murray. m nadal cruised in the third and fourth sets. broke serve for the lead in the fourth set and never looked back. nadal advances to the final. who will he face? joe tsonga. he had to slow down djokovic. the final he advances to his first wimbledon final regardless of the outcome of sunday's finals nadal and djokovic, doesn't matter who wins, djokovic will be ranked the number one player in the world. that will do it for now. half hour way is coming up. don't forget, i'm looking
6:54 pm
forward to the camping trip. don't you leave me out. >> we'll let you know. >> all right. henry, that was a fick four or five minutes. for 30 minutes you can watch tonight at 10:30. >> 30 minutes of henry. how can you pass up on that. he
6:55 pm
i know you're worried about making your savings last and having enough income when you retire. that's why i'm here -- to help come up with a plan and get you on the right path. i have more than a thousand fidelity experts working with me so that i can work one-on-one with you. it's your green line. but i'll be there every step of the way. call or come in and talk with us today.
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>> tonight at 11:00, the final moments, two hikers killed in yosemite. what led up to a deadly mistake and warning for others heading to the park this summer. that's tonight at 11:00. >> vicky nguyen is here for our 7:00 newscast. >> more and more hispanics are leaving the catholic church. where they are turning and why. and also what's the fourth of july without hot dogs. we'll talk to the champion of the hot dog eating contest joey chestnut. he'll join us on the phone to talk about how he's preparing for monday's competition. >> 20,000 calories in one competition. >> a one-hour newscast on channel 186. >> over the air, 11-2. >> see you in a few minutes. >> that's going to do it for us. we'll see you at 11:00. good night.
6:58 pm
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